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I met Mary Cordaro in 2004 when I bought my healthy natural bed and pillows from her. Her expertise is terrific and her products are excellent. Everyday I fall asleep saying, “I love my bed.”

Because we spend at least 8 hours a day in our bedroom, a healthy, non-toxic bedroom is at the top of my list for prevention and healthy living. We literally have our face next to our bed and linens breathing in whatever is in them for hours every day.

Especially for couples wanting to conceive, pregnant women, and for breastfeeding moms, babies, and young children (and dads too), I believe the non-toxic healthy bed and bedding is a top priority.

There is enough literature and research to demonstrate most beds, pillows, and linens have many toxic chemicals in them.

My philosophy is to keep our contact with toxic substances as low as possible. In the future, I will post more about this. For now, I wanted to give you Mary’s website because I trust her and her products.