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FAQ and Tips

Downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 PDF

PDF files are compatible on PC and MAC computers. ALL WB PDF files require Acrobat Reader 6.0 (latest version) to read them. If you do not already have this software program, go to: http://www.adobe.com/

You will see a button "Get Adobe Reader" on the left of the page. Follow instructions to download your free Adobe Reader software.Please note, you want to download: Adobe Reader.

(You DO NOT want the "Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader" download.)
Install Software and you are ready to go.

Downloading WB Publication Files

_ Make sure you are downloading your PDF file to your desktop so you can find it readily.
_ Allow the download to continue until it is complete. Do not interrupt it or you may not receive your document after purchasing it.
_ For dial-up service customers, A Collection and the Welcoming Consciousness ebooks may take several minutes to download.
_If you believe you have lost the download, you can use your search function and McCarty to find where the file is located.
_Once you have downloaded it to your computer, install the software, then restart your computer and you are ready to read your PDF files.

Helpful Functions In Acrobat Reader

_ View the document as single pages, double pages like a printed book, as well as other views.
_ Change the size of print to meet your needs.
_ Highlight sections of the text.
_ Write your own comments and notes as you read
_ Print out one page or the entire text.
_ Use the FIND function to locate any word, phrase, author, or other names throughout the text.
_ Use the bookmarks on the left to directly link to specific locations in the document.

Clarification of eBook Page Numbering:

Welcoming Consciousness: The book's page numbers are located in the headers of the book. You will find the PDF pages you see below in the scroll bar are different because they include the pages prior to "page one" of the book.

A Collection: This is a compilation that include previously formatted material, each having their own number. The collection's page number can be view below in the scroll bar.