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Dr. McCarty’s Consultation Support Services

A Pioneer in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology 
Education - Mentoring - Coaching - Support - Change

I provide a wide range of services for individuals, families,
Students, professionals, groups, and organizations.
Services are available in-person, by phone, and by email.

If you would like me to email you an intake form that contains information on my practice, costs for consultation services, and how to set up an appointment, please email me at: wmccarty@wondrousbeginnings.com

Individuals and Families:

Having and caring for babies in our busy full lives can be challenging. If you’ve come to my website, something is calling you to learn more, get help and support, or looking to heal or transform aspects of your/your baby’s life patterns. Whatever brought you here – there is so much we are learning in PPN research and from babies that is really incredibly resourceful and healing.

Parents who have incorporated the PPN perspective and BEING WITH BABIES ways to relate to the whole baby often express their gratitude. They relate how much happier, joyful, able to settle and sleep, how ‘present’ their baby is, how much closer they have become, and much more rewarding parenting feels to them.

Two common difficulties families express: First, the information can add to parents’ stress or worry to do everything “right” – “My baby birth imprints for life-EEKS!”

Secondly, even when parents want to incorporate these new ways to be with their baby and parent, they have little exposure or modeling of how to do on a day-to-day basis.

My wish is to help families feel informed, supported, empowered, and nourished; to help bridge all this new PPN information and ways to support babies so that it can truly add to the enjoyment and confidence of parents AND give the best start for the baby. I want parents to feel supported and held as we explore the territory of healing and growing.

I do find when families begin before or during pregnancy to incorporate the Being with Babies principles, the babies learn these new ways of being at an imprinted level, and it is part of them from the beginning of life.

Families give me very good feedback on how effective the gentle, subtle energy psychology tools I use and teach them to use work to help release old patterns and issues and create new more life-enhancing ones elegantly.


Resolve and transform own issues, fears, conflicts, or stress patterns. Doing this BEFORE getting pregnant is gives you and your baby a wonderful beginning together. Prepare for conscious conception and begin your relationship with your baby.

During Pregnancy

Resolve and transform own issues, fears, phobias, conflicts, stress patterns–whatever inhibits or blocks you or you and your partner from having the experience you want for you and for your baby.

Learn specific new ways to establish and deepen your communication and bond with your baby now. 

Learn and experience new ways to settle and relax in your body – feels great to you and is a key for your baby’s development. Plus your baby will already have those settling skills for after he/she is born!

Often if parents have had a difficulties previously: such as miscarriages, abortions, infertility, sexual abuse, a traumatic or unresolved previous birth experience, a loss of a baby, or generational patterns of these things – often this is when people call for help to work with these painful unresolved issues before the baby’s birth.

Going beyond the status quo – to optimize the experience and well-being of the parents, the baby, and the relationship that speak to the whole being.

Birth preparation for birth – work with fears and unresolved issues, learn how to prepare yourself and your baby for the journey of birth to optimize your birth experience even if everything doesn’t go as planned. Can enhance any other birth preparation method.

Prepare for Baby and Parenting - Prepare by learning simple yet very empowering ways to optimize the first hours and weeks of life as you.

After Birth – Now with Baby

Support new levels of optimal bonding and baby development. Often parents have lots of questions, worries, unresolved feelings/issues from birth experience, have feelings triggered by the challenges of 24/7 parenting, and want help to better read their baby’s cues and communicate with them in these new ways. That’s where I can help. Many baby stress patterns are seen in feeding, sleep, separation, transition, and inability to settle or self-calm. These often can be helped with the PPN lens, energy psychology tools, and new ways to consciously relate with your baby during these stressful patterns.

During Infancy and Preschool Years

Because the new PPN and BEING WITH BABIES findings and principles are so new that many parents have just heard of them only after they have had their babies or their babies have grown into toddlers and pre-schoolers. I help with a variety of attachment, behavioral, relational stress patterns to re-establish the child’s natural well-being and healthy growth oriented life. I coach parents on news ways to approach and help their child during their difficulties as they occur.

I support parents to resolve their own early unresolved patterns, current triggers and upsets in parenting, and create more confidence, enjoyment and security in how they parent. 

I support babies and young kids to resolve early stress/trauma patterns before they become their foundational life patterns – it is never too early to heal!


We all continue to update our practices with new information and research findings. The prenatal and perinatal psychology findings call us to deepen, expand, and refresh how we support babies and parents. For professionals working with adults, often the PPN lens helps professionals identify the origins and work with current diminishing life patterns and conditions more effectively and efficiently.

I support individual professionals in their process to incorporate new PPN principles, understandings, assessments, and interventions. I also help them integrate this in their personal lives - to explore and resolve their early issues from their own prenatal and perinatal experience and/or from their experiences having their own children.

I also assist students working on community projects and research.

Organizations and Professional Groups

I help create, design, articulate, implement PPN and integrated early development perspectives for community intervention programs, professional groups, prenatal, birth, newborn, infant, and early childhood intervention programs.

I look forward to being a resource for you.

Wendy Anne McCarty